Timeriders boarding this midnight ghost train are transported to nineteenth-century oil town, Prosper Station. And if they dare, they might access the eerie dimension of Vapourlea, domain of psychic vampires, the Faefumes.

Dilly Witherton hopes to bring light to an unresolved ancestral murder while Dr. XT Barkley is a neurologist researching hypersensory abilities. Both are there to support Azur in her mission to rescue her sister, Hilma, from the Faefume, Vek.

Genre: historical fantasy




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Hilary West: An excellent book by author Gloria Pearson-Vasey. Full of imagination and excitement this is a must read for anyone who likes fantasy. It is a fabulous novel and I cannot recommend it enough. I was pleased I paid that bit extra for the paperback edition, as it did not disappoint and is a lovely print book to hold in one's hands.
Phyllis Humby: The Bells of Prosper Station takes you from the present to the past through the back door of a library. If you’re lucky enough to be get aboard the waiting steam engine, you’ll travel to a nineteenth-century oil town. But will you return? I wouldn’t have missed this adventure for the world. I’m not a fantasy fiction fan. That didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying The Bells of Prosper Station. I was attracted to this novel for a couple of reasons. I’d read Gloria Pearson-Vasey’s books and she’s an excellent writer. I enjoy her style and gift for storytelling. When I heard that the author based this particular book on a town where I used to live, it piqued my curiosity. That and the fact that I’m a sucker for time travel stories. There’s suspense and romance – a little – and the fascinating realm of auras, and healers – yes, the power of healing. Enter the world of sensointuitives, shadow people, shape shifters, psychic vampires, and while you’re at it, you might just make the acquaintance of a great-great-grandparent or solve a century old murder mystery that’s haunted the family. This book is most definitely a page-turner.
Maggie: This was an enjoyable read. Lots of imagination and fun for all ages of readers.