G. Pearson-Vasey | Suspense veiled in Mystery and Enigma

The Shushan Citadel

Situated along the Great Lakes, three subterranean cities designed to resist global terrorism survive a devastating planetary disaster: Shushan, corporate headquarters of an international communications network, Abbey Trádún, an island monastery, and DúndirkaNoka, an Aboriginal settlement.

The Dúns

At the Citadel, General Haz rigidly controls Shushan while plotting to conquer the entire region. Goaded on by his Governors, he pursues the script of the Book of Esther to its violent climax. With the ominous thirteenth day of Adar fast approaching, Lady Esther recites her lines midst terror and tears while Intelligence forces scramble to rewrite the outcome.

The Belvedere at Stone Gate

Claire, an elderly recluse, resides at Stone Gate with her middle-aged daughter. An unexpected visit from her grandson encourages the elderly woman to gradually reveal events of earlier years.

Enigma Club

Although there are only eight students in Emman’s creative writing class, one of these is classically autistic and another has Asperger syndrome. Also present in the class is an undercover agent, one of three who enrolled at Coltsfoot District High at the beginning of the fall term.

Bells of Prosper Station

Timeriders boarding this midnight ghost train are transported to nineteenth-century oil town, Prosper Station. And if they dare, they might access the eerie dimension of Vapourlea, domain of psychic vampires, the Faefumes.

Black Springs Abbey

After her harrowing rescue from the Faefumes, Hilma Moonstorey is nursed back to health by her grandmother. Although five years have passed since her return from Vapourlea, the talented young musician remains beset by anxieties and insecurities.

Bloodline Feather

After the death of his mother, Dorrian Clery discovers he is part of a long-line of Sensos, native Creekside residents with certain powers of sensointuition. While on a book tour through the Atlantic provinces with his aunt, Dorrian realizes he and his aunt are being followed. When the stalking continues, Dorrian turns to a magical bloodline feather for help.

About the Author

Gloria Pearson-Vasey is a storyteller, an author of suspense veiled in mystery and enigma. She weaves contemporary issues into her novels, writing stories which have authenticity along with hopeful endings.

Creekside Chats

Have you visited Creekside lately? If not, you really must. Suspense lurks behind the town’s peaceful façade, and some of the people here have secrets you wouldn’t believe. 

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Praise for Enigma Club


Enigma Club has a small town feel with lots of suspense. Its target audience could include young teen readers and anyone wanting a better understanding of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Laura Gabovic

Praise for The Belvedere at Stone Gate


Haunting, sad and beautiful – a lovely read, full of poetry. Gloria excels herself in this charming novel. It is a delight on the senses and one to cherish! Hilary West (GoodReads)

Praise for The Bells of Prosper Station


The Bells of Prosper Station takes you from the present to the past through the back door of a library. If you’re lucky enough to be get aboard the waiting steam engine, you’ll travel to a nineteenth-century oil town. But will you return? I wouldn’t have missed this adventure for the world. Phyllis Humby (author)