BELVEDERE FRONT COVER 09-OCT-2013Just in time for Christmas, Borealis Press has released two new books: The Belvedere at Stone Gate and The Dúns, sequel to The Shushan Citadel.

The following is a summary of my four novels with this charming Ottawa publishing house:DUNS DRAFT FRONT  08-OCT-2013

THE SHUSHAN CITADEL   General Haz plots to overtake a monastery and an aboriginal settlement and rule the Great Lakes Region like King Ahasuerus of the Book of Esther – harem and all. Intelligence forces plant a young Jewish woman at the Citadel to win the heart of the delusional dictator.  Genre: speculative fiction, espionage, romance.  ISBN 978-0-8887-345-3  304 pages

 THE DÚNS  Sequel to The Shushan Citadel    General Haz pursues the script of the Book of Esther to its violent climax. With the ominous thirteenth day of Adar fast approaching, Lady Esther recites her lines midst terror and tears while Intelligence forces scramble to rewrite the outcome.  Genre: speculative fiction, espionage, military. ISBN 978-0-8887-504-4  327 pages

 ENIGMA CLUB     Emman Mallory fears that his twin brother, Noel, may be involved in drugs, home invasions and a teacher’s death. Characters include a student with autism and one with Aspergers. Genre: literary fiction, mystery.  ISBN 978-0-8887-446-7  213 pages

 THE BELVEDERE AT STONE GATE    An elderly recluse residing at Stone Gate with her middle-aged daughter reveals to her grandson the heartaches and secrets of her past: unexplained deaths, her orphaned autistic cousin and the mysterious presence in the belvedere. Genre: literary fiction, mystery.  ISBN 978-0-8887-502-0  219 pages

Enigma Club and The Shushan Citadel are also available as iBooks. My editor at Borealis tells me the other two books will be available as ebooks in the near future.