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Here, just in time for spring, is my updated website, its theme inspiring today’s topic: ‘How to write in any environment’.

There was a time I gave little thought to adapting writing to the ebb and flow of a busy life. I simply set aside larger blocks of time once or twice a year. But then, as it tends to do, life happened.

Unable to write over many months, I became acquainted with the ennui authors experience when creativity is stifled.

No longer free to retreat into the zones of seclusion on which I thrived, I became mired in what I’m calling the four stages of creativity lost: denial, resentment, emptiness and acceptance. Fortunately, this was followed by a return to creativity along with a mind adjustment.

Since I’ve ‘returned’, I’ve submitted a previously completed young adult book for publishing, and am working on the first novel in a new suspense series.

Still lacking blocks of seclusion, I reset my goals. I downsized writing one thousand words per five-hour work day to writing five hundred words in a two-hour period. Some days a satisfactory achievement is a couple hours of jotted notes or story plotting.

Along with the goal reset, I’ve incorporated contemplative meditation into my regime. First I settle into a comfortable nook with writing materials at the ready. Then I mentally recite a chosen word that redirects energy to my creative spirit. The word might be Peace or Grace or God or Love.

Theme Detail

External sounds and activiities evaporate into mist as I pass through the door into the extraordinary world of the imagination.

So writers, are you finding it difficult to write in your given environment? You can make it work for you!

1. Set realistic goals.  2. Create a writing nook within the chaos. (No phone or social media interference allowed. Let those around you know this is your writing time.)  3. Tune out the sound and fury by redirecting energy to your creative centre.  4. Start writing… something… anything. The flow will take over.

I‘d love to hear your thoughts on how you manage creativity in a complicated environment.