ghost girlAnatomy of a Fantasy

Fantasy is a fiction genre that employs supernatural phenomena as a theme or plot element. Modern fantasy has produced several subgenres including historical fantasy, urban fantasy, science fantasy, steampunk, dark fantasy and various combinations of these.

The Bells of Prosper Station, published earlier this year, is a hybrid blend of urban historical fantasy and steampunk. The story moves between contemporary and Victorian times and celebrates the history of my hometown. With Hallowmas approaching, Azur Moonstorey and her companions exit Prosper Library onto a railway platform where a Victorian-era steam engine snorts and hisses on a track that no longer exists. Their mission is to rescue Azur’s sister, Hilma, from the Faefume, Vek.

Black Springs Abbey is a continuation of The Bells of Prosper Station. Although it contains some of the fantasy elements of the preceding book, it is more of a ghost story. After her harrowing rescue from the Faefumes, Hilma is nursed back to health by her grandmother. Still physically and emotionally fragile, she accepts a position in a dilapidated Abbey which houses not only elderly nuns but ghosts and dark secrets. Black Springs Abbey will be printed locally in early 2015 to coincide with the 150th Anniversary of the village of Oil Springs.

It’s my intention to combine these stories into a single longer fantasy called The Hallowmas Train for which I will seek a literary agent. Fingers crossed.