April 2 is World Autism Day, and in the United States, April is Autism Awareness Month. (October is the designated Autism Month in Canada.)

It is therefore appropriate to assign a memoir by artist and author, J. Kevin Vasey, as the Book of the Month.

In this revealing book, Kevin explains his choice of title and cover artwork: Living in the Eye: Life with Autism.

“Inside the eye of autism, I can never turn my brain off from colours, sounds, and a constant storm of thoughts and emotions difficult to express.

“And yet, within its whirling walls, the eye is the safest, calmest part of a tornado. It’s my refuge from the world beyond my private space – a world often visited by chaos, unpredictability and frustrations.

“It is my hope that, in the telling of my story, others may find inspiration and courage to dare challenge life in whatever form it is presented to them.”  Kevin Vasey

Prior to writing LIVING IN THE EYE: Life with Autism, Kevin co-authored THE ROAD TRIP: Life with Autism (Novalis, 2005). He has provided the voice and model for characters on the Autism spectrum in several of his mother’s books.