Livinginthe EyeAPRIL for Autism Awareness

With April being Autism Awareness Month in the USA and April 2 being World Autism Day, here are three reading recommendations for the month:

LIVING IN THE EYE: LIFE WITH AUTISM   “Inside the eye of autism, I can never turn my brain off from colours, sounds, and a constant storm of thoughts and emotions. And yet, within its whirling walls, the eye is the safest, calmest part of a tornado…  my refuge from  a world often visited by chaos, unpredictability and frustrations.”  Genre: memoir, biography

paperback:, locally at The Book Keeper Sarnia and The Olde Post Office Petrolia; also on Amazon

The Belvedere at Stone GateTHE BELVEDERE AT STONE GATE   An elderly recluse residing at Stone Gate with her middle-aged daughter reveals to her grandson the heartaches and secrets of her past: unexplained deaths, her orphaned autistic cousin and the mysterious presence in the belvedere.

Genre: literary, mystery, family saga

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Enigma ClubENIGMA CLUB    Emman Mallory fears that his twin brother, Noel, may be involved in drugs, home invasions and a teacher’s death. Characters include a student with autism and one with Aspergers.

Genre: literary fiction, mystery, family saga

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