livingintheeye - blogI’m finding that it’s not at all the same writing in the midst of daily activity versus writing in large isolated (more or less) blocks of creative space. It was amazing what could be accomplished during six winter weeks in the south or even three touring weeks in the summer.

But as of last winter, we’re home from late October until the end of April. Then, from May till Thanksgiving we divide our time between our “camp” and three weekdays spent at home.

During those weekdays, Kevin works with his assistants, Jim does outside stuff, and I do a minimum of household tasks while squeezing in writing time.

Since we’re still settling into the camp setting, I’m just now establishing a writing schedule there. And finally, I’m making renewed progress with Kevin’s memoir material.

Kevin is contemplating life as an autistic man while creating artwork for the cover of his book. It’s looking increasingly hopeful that he’ll meet his goal: completion by the end of the calendar year.