back of GTR Engine 330While researching The Bells of Prosper Station, I collected numerous images of our town and its train station through various time periods. The images came from local historians, newspaper clippings, postcard collections and of course, the internet.

So naturally, it had always been my intent to have one or more of these images displayed on the cover of the completed book.    Great Western Depot 1880-1890s   front GTR station

However, when the time came to produce the cover, one after another of these pictures was rejected: poor definition, too small, potential copyright issues, lack of commercial verification.

Finally, I created my own images with the assistance of my husband, Jim, and Jodi, my son’s personal assistant. Early one morning, I persuaded Jodi to wear my old nurse’s cape (it is vintage!), a long skirt with an elasticized waist (which managed to stay in place), and a sturdy pair of leather boots (replacing her colourful running shoes). Armed with camera and tripod, Jim drove us to the station library and the shoot began.

Azur at station editedWe were forced to eliminate the planned photo shoot of the library entrance because the windows were covered with modern flyers. The back of the library has fewer impressive architectural features but it does have a wonderful old baggage cart. And that is where our model posed.

tracks through arbourAfter cropping and a few touch-ups, I sent this photo along with a Shutterstock image of ‘tracks through arbour’ to the cover designer. Accompanying instructions specified that the finished product be a bit eerie and have late autumn colours to depict the Hallowmas time frame.

Here is the end result.  TheBellsOfProsperStation_SC_14-01-30.pdf front