Darla:           I hear your book trailer is ready now for The Dúns – pronounced doons, I think.

Mrs. P-V:     Correct for both.

Darla:            I can’t wait to see it because the book version was awesome.

Mrs. P-V

Mrs. P-V:     Why thank you, Darla. Happy readers, happy author.

Darla:           As well as fitting the speculative fiction genre, the Dúns is also a good spy story with romance and some interesting harem stuff. Plus I couldn’t help noticing the Indigenous element.

Mrs. P-V:      I only write what I’d enjoy reading.

Darla:            What went into designing the three underground cities?

Mrs. P-V:      Planning quirky – yet functional – municipal layouts with futuristic (or at least modern) ecosystems and connecting waterways between DúndirkaNoka and Abbey Trádún.

Darla:            If you could visit the world of the dúns, is there anything about the people’s lifestyle you’d especially admire?

Mrs. P-V:     Well, certainly the determination of the elders to pass on knowledge and cultural values to the younger generations before it’s lost forever.

Darla:            That struck me too. I marked a passage where students are told, “… training future professionals while our own experts still practise is critical to the future of the Dúns.”

Mrs. P-V:      …which is why DúndirkaNoka and Abbey Trádún combined their resources in order to cover every field for their young people.

Darla:            Even prior to that, both cities were collaborative dúns or forts with coded communication methods and security systems that included airbullets and waterbugs.

Mrs. P-V:      … unbeknownst to General Haz and the Citadel Governors.

Darla:            Right… which is important since the Citadel is constantly plotting to confiscate everything. Did you intend the book’s title to include the surrounding wasteland?


Mrs. P-V:      Yes, The Territories of the Dúns, which incidentally, was the original title.

Darla:            Cool. Well, I appreciate your time, Mrs. P-V.

Mrs. P-V:      My pleasure, Darla. Come have a peek at The Dúns trailer before you go.