Amy:             Is it true you have another book trailer ready? If so, I hope it’s for The Belvedere at Stone Gate.

Mrs. P-V:     True on both counts.

Amy:              Will I be able to see it today?

Mrs. P-V:     Sure. Can we do the interview first?

Amy:              Okay, first question. Did you want to make me cry?

Mrs. P-V

Mrs. P-V:     Not deliberately, but I was hoping readers would empathize with the characters.

Amy:              Did you previously write the poems you later attributed to Riona?

Mrs. P-V:     Yes, they were written as therapy, not fiction.

Amy:              But the book is fiction.

Mrs. P-V:     Totally.

Amy:              Why is the story told in the voice of Claire?

Mrs. P-V:     Allowing Claire to reflect on events in her life from childhood to old age helps explain her attitudes and reclusiveness.

Amy:              Yes, and it helped me see elderly people in a different light.

Here’s the final question, Mrs. P-V: When you’re describing scenery and nature and people’s behaviours, are you picturing these things in your mind?

In the belvedere

Mrs. P-V:     I am, and I’m often aided by my notes and photos.

Amy:              I’m finished interrogating you, Mrs. P-V. Thanks so much.

Mrs. P-V:     You’re welcome, Amy. Guess you’re ready then to critique The Belvedere at Stone Gate trailer.