I’ve finally finished writing, noting readers’ comments and editing R…., my latest manuscript.

What’s it about? Sorry, I can’t tell you yet… maybe soon.

I can say that it’s a work of literary fiction in two parts: I Book Tour (of Atlantic Provinces) and II R….. (arrival at a secluded and rather peculiar lodge in the Bruce Peninsula).

It’s a relief to be between writing projects, free for leisure and guilt-free reading.

However, I no longer have an excuse to avoid sorting through old papers and re-filing those I can’t yet relinquish.

Still, as writers everywhere can relate, my brain can’t stop plotting out a new story, this one set in Petrolia like The Bells of Prosper Station, though not historical fantasy.

‘Tis nearing the time for Christmas greetings. In recent years, mine have taken the form of email – with some snail mail for the few who’ve succeeded in avoiding the web.

And really, once we lift our spirits above political misadventure, world crises and the mundane day-to-day of our personal lives, December is a month of happy anticipation and embracing love. Already several houses in our neighbourhood  are aglow with lights. Behind the scenes, shoppers are buying gifts and planning menus. Children are counting down the days to winter break.

So to all of you: Peace and Blessings!

God bless us everyone.