livingintheeye - blogEntering THE EYE

My son, Kevin, and I are setting out on another writing adventure. We invite you to come along for the ride.

RVOur first joint writing experience began during a trip to the east coast of Canada in the summer of 1992 when Kevin shared memories and reflections from his past. These communications evolved into The Road Trip: Life with Autism, published by Novalis in 2004.

At Kevin’s request, we repeated this trip last summer to prepare for a second book which Kevin is calling Living in the Eye – as in eye of an autistic tornado.

Kevin was 23 years old and living in a group home during the first trip. Now he’s 45 and living in an apartment in our home. Being non-verbal and autistic, he communicates through typing and is aided by his assistants to lead a meaningful life.

As for me, having a writing preference for fiction, I’ve been engaged in my own inner whirlwind, struggling to transform myself from inventive fabricator into nonfiction narrator for Kevin’s story.

Fortuitously, a co-op student from our local high school applied to work with me this semester. Becca wants to learn about authors, editors and the publishing world. Since she expects to observe and assist an actively-working writer, her arrival is just the jumpstart Living in the Eye needs!

Tomorow Becca will be meeting Kevin and his assistant, Jodi, for the first time. Already I’m feeling some creative twitches.