Consistent Writing

Week 21 – Flash Blog 21

May 25, 2017

Returning to consistent writing when life continues to be crazy is not easy. In fact, I’ve had to reread several back chapters of my psychological suspense manuscript-in-progress to reorient myself.

Therefore a firm commitment: I will write every day – even if it’s just a paragraph.


               Can This Story Be Better?

Week 22 – Flash Blog 22

June 1, 2017

It’s easy for an author to get swept into a rush to complete a manuscript when THE END seems near. However, a frenzy to finish carries the risk of closing one’s mind to the possibility of a better story.

I had reached this point and resisted admitting to myself  that, while the pages of my manuscript may have had mystery, they were lacking in suspense.

Coming to my senses just in time, I have begun a complete review and rewrite. Completion is now further away – but I am revitalized!


                  Erin Mills Art Festival

Week 23 – Flash Blog 23

June 8, 2017

Such a busy time this is proving to be. Last weekend, we attended the Erin Mills Art Festival where Kevin’s art was displayed.  This weekend, I joined other authors at Sarnia Artwalk, and on Monday, I attended a committee workshop followed by a community open house concerning an important housing project.

Nonetheless, I remained determined to persist with daily writing.

            Lambton Authors at Lawrence House


Week 24 – Flash Blog 24

June 15, 2017

This week’s distractions (and pleasures) included  a Family Reunion and a Franciscan  Celebration.

But by following the self-imposed rule of consistent writing, I managed to Write Every Day!