Fence detail for research


Week 25 – Flash Blog 25

June 23, 2017

How to explain this urgency to write? So much going on in my life, so many details to attend to, and yet I feel guilty and restless when I’m not working on a manuscript…

Week 26 – Flash Blog 26

June 30, 2017

Sobering report from family member’s specialist today. Trying to treat it as just another of life’s challenges while looking forward to spending the Canada Day 150 weekend in the park.

Relaxing at Gravenhurst

Week 27 – Flash Blog 27

July 7, 2017

Had a wonderful time in Gravenhurst visiting family and enjoying northern scenery. Sufficiently inspired to get in some writing on return home.

Week 28 – Flash Blog 28

July 14, 2017

Writer collecting thoughts

Too many medical appointments lately to remain properly focused on writing. Nonetheless, I’m keeping up with my self-imposed deadlines.