I Read Canadian Day is on February 17 this year. As a Canadian author, I’m happy for the opportunity to promote two of my books.

The Shushan Citadel

The Shushan Citadel is speculative fiction addressing ecology, women’s rights, indigenous culture, and equality in general.

Situated along the Great Lakes, three subterranean cities designed to resist global terrorism survive a devastating planetary disaster: Shushan, corporate headquarters of an international communications network, Abbey Trádún, an island monastery, and DúndirkaNoka, an Aboriginal settlement.

After the Devastation, Shushan’s CEO builds a Citadel and arrogantly sets out to rule the land in the style of King Ahasuerus of the Book of Esther – harem and all.

Intelligence forces within the three cities plant a young Jewish woman in the Citadel to win the heart of the delusional dictator.

The Belvedere at Stone Gate

Also set in the Great Lakes Region, The Belvedere at Stone Gate is literary fiction and suspense. Although not biographical, it draws upon poetry written during an especially difficult period.

Claire, an elderly recluse, resides at Stone Gate with her middle-aged daughter. An unexpected visit from her grandson encourages the elderly woman to gradually reveal events of earlier years.

She recalls the unexplained death of her poet aunt, Riona, which leaves her autistic cousin, Jonathan, motherless and forever changes the dynamics at Stone Gate. After the arrival of the new governess, Claire finds herself strangely attracted to a presence in the belvedere at Stone Gate.

Happy reading.

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