In early December,winter cardinal 2 (2)

I’m envisioning a month of casually orchestrated days drifting by like falling snowflakes. True, I haven’t done my shopping yet or sent out Christmas greetings, and I haven’t put up any holiday decorations. But don’t I have most of a month to do these things?

The real reason I’m feeling so carefree, is that I’m in that dreamy space between books. No pressure to write, no deadlines to meet.

Now for a plug. If you haven’t read The Bells of Prosper Station, you should do it now so you’ll be ready for the new arrival, Black Springs Abbey! Yes, it’s finally finished and will be published in early 2015. (Find out more on my website BOOK section.)

For the remainder of December, should casually orchestrated days evade me, I’ll try for moments of childlike anticipation. I wish you the same.