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Well, we’re in The Eye – sort of.

Lately, Kevin has been more preoccupied with the challenges of autism than usual. Sometimes when I try to cheer him up by pointing out his strengths or reminding him than everyone has woes, he lightens up. At other times, he remains sceptical.

In the meantime, we’re slowly working away on his book. Once or twice a week, co-op student, Becca, interviews Kevin and records his comments. When I get a spare block of time, I read through some of his original book, determining what to keep and what to discard. Apart from that, I’m not yet ready to focus on the editing aspect of the manuscript. It will be a summer project.

For now, I’m busy with daily happenings – field trips with Becca, a granddaughter’s play, veterinary appointments for our menagerie. Thank heavens for the daybook that leads me through my days.

Oh, and then there’s a book launch two-and-a-half weeks from now…