Trailer – The Shushan Citadel

Book Trailer  It’s here: the book trailer for The Shushan Citadel (thanks Aimée Marie Bejaramo)!!!

… and to accompany the trailer, an updated website with a Media menu and my books reorganized in the Book menu (thanks Jim Henry)!!!

Check it out now under MEDIA

As for the Writing Deadline, it’s usually understood that a writer talking about a deadline is referring to printed words rushing towards completion of a poem, column, article or book. However, I’m putting myself under a different writing deadline.

Baby robins

I’m going to start my next writing marathon in May – with the arrival of flowers and chirping nestlings.

The latest story has been in my head for a long time. The characters were begging me to begin a few months back but now they too have grown lackadaisical. They’re content, like me, to wait.

In the meantime, I’m creating trailers for several of my books. You’ll be able to follow this process on my updated website.

My office desk

Other than that, I’ll work away at other projects requiring my attention. I’ll declutter my office, sort through drawers of ‘whatevers’, and clear away unused clothing.

Oh, and I’ll continue to await responses from publishers re my latest finished manuscript. Yes, it’s out there…

And while I wait and tidy, I’m giving myself permission to read, daydream and watch the falling snow.