imagesWT9J1I6CInvitation to #scribealong

During these closing days of 2015, many people are contemplating New Year’s resolutions. Not me.

But I am preparing to start writing my next novel. And I thought it might be fun if some of us keep in touch with each other as we write.

images[4]Now we needn’t give our project away, but we might share genre, estimated word count and thoughts on how we’re progressing. We can ask each other questions and offer suggestions and encouragement.

If you’re obsessive like me, you may want to plot out an outline before you begin and set a finish date goal. If you prefer spontaneity, now’s as good a time as any to pick up a pen and go for it.

Maybe your book is already underway. Maybe you’re seeking an agent or checking out publishers. Perhaps you have projects at various stages. Doesn’t matter. It’s all part of the writerly journey.

boy-writing[1]Okay, here’s where I am on my newest endeavor:

I’ve researched my material and mapped out a preliminary outline. I’ve determined that the genre is Young Adult (YA) and it will be around 80,000 words long with perhaps 40 chapters. So if I start at the beginning of January and write a chapter (or 2000 words) every five days, I’ll finish my first draft towards the end of July…

Are you ready to join in? Come on, we need each other! Simply share Tweets at #scribealong whenever you’re in the mood.