On this first day of July, Canada 150 Day, here’s a book to kick off your summer reading or at least add to your reading list.

The Dúns is situated in the not-so-distant future where three underground communities are newly venturing above ground to revive the earth and re-establish themselves.

Add to this a delusional tyrant following the script of The Book of Esther, thus forcing the other communities to try to outwit him…

The story provides intrigue, romance, cultural and ecological commitment, and good old-fashioned entertainment. After all, what would you expect when the communities are an island monastery, an indigenous community and a business conglomerate gone bad!

The Dúns: Twelve years after the Desolation, three subterranean communities in the former Michigan-Ontario region of the Great Lakes are thriving.

At the Citadel, General Haz rigidly controls Shushan while plotting to conquer the entire region. Goaded on by his Governors, he pursues the script of the Book of Esther to its violent climax. With the ominous thirteenth day of Adar fast approaching, Lady Esther recites her lines midst terror and tears while Intelligence forces scramble to rewrite the outcome.

North of Shushan, a quiet monastery and an indigenous settlement desire only to live in peace. Under constant threat from the Citadel and surrounded by the Lawless of the Wastelands, Abbey Trádún and DúndirkaNoka are neither naïve nor defenseless. Lurking in subterranean hangars, deadly Waterbugs and Airbullets wait expectantly for the right time to challenge the Citadel’s fierce Dragonflies.

Genre: speculative fiction, espionage, military

Goodreads Reviews: AB: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ RH:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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