Medicine - abstract background

Medicine – abstract background

May for Nursing and Palliative Care

May has a plethora of health-related causes and events, only some of which I’ll mention here.

To begin with, May is Awareness MONTH for Brain Tumour, Celiac Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Huntington’s, Medic Alert, Multiple Sclerosis, Speech and Hearing, Vision Health and Physiotherapy.

Three special WEEKS in early May are National Hospice and Palliative Care Week, Mental Health Week and National Nursing Week.

Special DAYS include Lyme Disease Awareness (May 1), World Asthma Day (May 3), Melanoma Monday, World Red Cross Day (May 8), Canada Health Day (May 12), International Nursing Day (May 12) and International Day Against Homophobia (May 17).

Writers tend to slip their personal interests into their stories and poetry. Probably most of my books contain health-related topics. The following are books that are appropriate for the Month of May:

May: Nursing, Hospice and Palliative Care (Canada)

BELVEDERE FRONT COVER 09-OCT-2013The Belvedere at Stone Gate

Claire, an elderly recluse, resides at Stone Gate with her middle-aged daughter. An unexpected visit from her grandson encourages the elderly woman to gradually reveal events of earlier years.

She recalls the unexplained death of her poet aunt, Riona, which leaves her autistic cousin, Jonathan, motherless and forever changes the dynamics at Stone Gate.

This book includes descriptions of early institutional care as well as nursing practice in World War I.

Genre: literary, mystery, family saga


iBook: USA and Canada

GPVCoverThe Bells of Prosper Station

Nurse Practitioner, Azur Moonstorey, and her companions, Dilly and XT, board a midnight ghost train which transports them to nineteenth-century Prosper Station. Their primary mission is to rescue Azur’s sister.

Dilly Witherton hopes to bring light to an unresolved ancestral murder while Dr. XT Barkley is a neurologist researching hypersensory abilities.

As part of their adventure, Azur and XT experience nineteenth century medical care.

Genre: historical fantasy

paperback:  Chapters Indigo   Barnes & Noble



iBook: USA and Canada

Kindle: USA  and Canada   


Twelve years after the Desolation, three subterranean communities in the former Michigan-Ontario region of the Great Lakes are thriving.

At the Citadel, General Haz plots to conquer the entire region while north of Shushan, a quiet monastery and an Aboriginal settlement desire only to live in peace.

Nonetheless, Abbey Trádún and DúndirkaNoka are neither naïve nor defenseless.

Health care in the not-too-distant future is visited in this story.

Genre: speculative fiction, espionage, military


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