I’m migrating from a monthly Flash Blog to a mid-month general blog. Do I hear a collective sigh of relief from my readers? Yes, being a journal of writing progress, or lack thereof, the Flash Blogs were becoming works in monotone.

 This month I’m focusing on a single writing distraction, a précis of my most recent Facebook adventure. The adventure really began three years ago when I rashly decided to delete my author (business) page and move to a personal one.

Since then, the personal page grew into an entity so large it became necessary to start a new page for family and close friends. Facebook rejected several versions of my name before accepting a derivative which some friend/family invitees are still suspiciously avoiding.

It was even more complicated to convert the multi-friend page to an author page. There was a time when a personal page could morph into a business page with all ones friends intact.

But it seems Facebook has put the kibosh on this feature, and one must now start from scratch. Say goodbye to all the writers, poets, artists, musicians and most importantly, readers who were my Facebook friends? Unthinkable!

In the process of stubbornly attempting to skirt this problem, I created several trial pages which, to my dismay, produced additional woes too numerous and confusing to relate. Too panicked to proceed, I turned to a professional who waded into the melee to create a Facebook author/business page for me.

It remained only to painstakingly re-invite people who had previously friended me to “Like” my new page. I’m grateful to those who did.

If you’re curious about my new author page, you can find it at facebook.com/gloriapearsonvaseyauthor.