Social media is a treacherous lure into the depths of Writer Procrastination.

Twitter entices the hapless browser to continue inserting brilliant posts so that followers don’t flee in boredom. What? Today 23 users deleted their accounts?

Facebook, however, is even more devious, and not at all subtle in its detaining techniques.

It traps a writer into lingering on its pretty pages by reading the past and predicting the future!

How, otherwise, would I have known about my historical twin,

my cartoon character,



the fairytale me,


or my psychopathy?




Where else could I acquire free portraits of myself?



Oh, look. My Cancer husband will be pleased at being the ‘ideal partner’, but will he be prepared for a son in 2021 when the ones we have will be in their 40s and 50s? Will I??


Apparently I’m quite restless – which wouldn’t help the procrastination weakness.



To its credit, Facebook does provide timely warnings:




So take notice, my friends, lest you fall into one of these time-sucking pits of distraction.