Bleu 09 6The morning is half over and I’m just getting around to writing. Whatever have I been doing???

Let’s see…rose with alarm at 6:15 am (should have been early enough)…showered, dressed etc…let barking dogs out back door…oldest dog hesitant to go down frosty/slippery ramp (which has been recently installed specifically to accommodate her age and arthritis)…shouted encouragement until she reluctantly descended to dog run.

Started coffee…let dogs in (tripping over cat in process)…prepared dishes for dogs and cat (remembering to add medications to old dog’s dish)…wakened autistic son (whose job it is to feed the dogs).

Okay, where was I? Oh, yes…prepared breakfast beverage (with added psyllium)… spooned out yogurt… (son carried juice, yogurt and coffee to table with no reminder!)… husband  joined us for breakfast accompanied by background drama of televised news (which it seems he cannot live without)…turned tv off for Morning Prayer (essential moments of spirit-centred peace)…

Supervised son’s bath… dishes in dishwasher…laundry in washing machine (briefly considered waiting for off-peak electricity period but remembered multi-commitments of day and decided to ignore wisdom of energy conservation)…answered phone (grandson sharing exciting news of tae kwon do trophy)…son’s assistant arrived…prepared to write.

Oh, but first remembered to return important call (already postponed for three days)…responded to beeping washing machine by transfering wet clothes to dryer … rescued robot vacuum from cord entanglement (after all, it saves me time and toil)…

Finally I’m at my computer, words of brilliance beginning to form …phone rings in husband’s office (the only unmuted phone in house)…husband’s voice: she’s unavailable…call back later (wonder who it was?)

What would a stress-free life be like? I probably couldn’t handle it.