DUNS DRAFT FRONT  08-OCT-2013Here’s the beautiful cover of THE DÚNS, soon to be released by Borealis Press. The artwork is by artist, Ariel Lyons and the cover design is by David Tierney.

The Dúns is the sequel to The Shushan Citadel and is in the genre of speculative fiction (or espionage or military). The following is a brief description:

Twelve years after the Desolation, three subterranean communities in the former Michigan-Ontario region of the Great Lakes are thriving.

At the Citadel, General Haz rigidly controls Shushan while plotting to conquer the entire region. Goaded on by his Governors, he pursues the script of the Book of Esther to its violent climax. With the ominous thirteenth day of Adar fast approaching, Lady Esther recites her lines midst terror and tears while Intelligence forces scramble to rewrite the outcome.

North of Shushan, a quiet monastery and an Aboriginal settlement desire only to live in peace. Under constant threat from the Citadel and surrounded by the Lawless of the Wastelands, Abbey Trádún and DúndirkaNoka are neither naïve nor defenseless. Lurking in subterranean hangars, deadly Waterbugs and Airbullets wait expectantly for the right time to challenge the Citadel’s fierce Dragonflies.

WHILE YOU ARE WAITING for the release of The Dúns, you might want to read The Shushan Citadel – that is, if you haven’t already done so. The Shushan Citadel is The Shushan Citadel - coverboth speculative fiction and an intriguing romance.

The Citadel’s General Haz plots to overtake a monastery and an aboriginal settlement and rule the Great Lakes Region like King Ahasuerus of the Book of Esther – harem and all. Intelligence forces plant a young Jewish woman at the Citadel to win the heart of the delusional dictator.

The Shushan Citadel is available in paperback and iBook formats.


iBook:  USA and Canada