Putting the final touches on The Bells of Prosper Station   sunset 3

(The Distracted Author – Chapter 3)

The Bells of Prosper Station, an historical fantasy, will be in publisher hands within days!

Here’s my checklist of final things to do:

  • Incorporate the corrections and suggestions of my Beta Readers and Reader Historians. (Their input has been remarkably conscientious and absolutely invaluable!)
  • Proofread the manuscript for the umpteenth time. (It’s amazing the things that can sneak by undetected!)
  • Tweak details re characters and setting. (I’m a compulsive tweaker which I suspect is a common characteristic of writers and artists.)
  • Re-check ‘Acknowledgements’ (hoping that I haven’t left anyone out – while fearing that I probably have.)
  • Write a blurb that will captivate potential readers (or at least get their attention.)
  • Update the Author write-up and photo. (I especially hate the photo part!)
  • Make final decisions on cover art. (This is fun.)

I’ve actually been working on most of these things for ages – so it’s not as daunting as it may seem.

In my last blog, I mentioned that I’m going the indie route this time. Rather than wrestle with the complications of self-publishing, I’m using a publishing service.

The Bells of Prosper Station will be available as an eBook from Apple, Kindle and Kobo – as well as in paperback format.

Progress reports to follow…also a sample chapter…

P.S. I’m still a distracted author, though. Just at this critical time, my computer is behaving very badly – and I can’t take it in for repairs yet. (What’s a writer to do?)