This week I returned to Prosper. The streets are deserted, the landscapes distorted, the houses seemingly abandoned. ThApple blossoms - crayon - Copye people are mere shadow figures, pale and listless.

You see, it’s been two-and-a-half months since my winter writing month in Alabama was interrupted by family issues. And in this two-and-a-half months – for several reasons including procrastination – I’ve done no serious writing.

So now that I’ve finally returned to Prosper, I find it barely recognizable. In an effort to revive it from its anemic state, I’ve been reviewing research notes and character descriptions. I’ve read through the chapters completed in Alabama, somewhat reassured that they’re not bad for a first draft.

Moreover it’s springtime in Prosper. There are blossoms on the trees and freshness in the air. Robins have created a nest atop a wreath on our front verandah. Already two blue eggs nestle cosily, surely a sign that creativity is alive and well!

Once again I’ll eavesdrop on my characters’ thoughts and meddle in their lives. The train whistle will call eerily as it approaches Prosper Station and expectation will consume my days. Oh, I can’t wait!