Situated along the Great Lakes, three subterranean cities designed to resist global terrorism survive a devastating planetary disaster to emerge as stewards of the planet.

One of these, corporate headquarters of an international communications giant, erects a citadel and plots to overtake the other two. However, Abbey Trádún, an island monastery, and DúndirkaNoka, an Aboriginal settlement, are neither naïve nor defenseless.

The Shushan CitadelThe Shushan Citadel - cover

After the Devastation, Shushan’s CEO builds a Citadel and arrogantly sets out to rule the land in the style of King Ahasuerus of the Book of Esther – harem and all.

Intelligence forces within Shushan conspire with those of Abbey Trádún and DúndirkaNoka to plant a young Jewish woman in the Citadel to win the heart of the delusional dictator.

Genre: speculative fiction, espionage, romance





The Dúns   DUNS DRAFT FRONT  08-OCT-2013

General Haz pursues the script of the Book of Esther to its violent climax.

With the ominous thirteenth day of Adar fast approaching, Lady Esther recites her lines midst terror and tears while Intelligence forces scramble to rewrite the outcome.

Genre: speculative fiction, espionage, military