cropped-fantasy-books1.jpgSprinting to the Deadline  For a while now, I’ve been reporting that the fantasy/ghost story, Black Springs Abbey, will be printed locally in early 2015 to coincide with the 150th Anniversary of the Village of Oil Springs.

This remains true. I had approached a local author asking him if he would be interested in reprinting his 2008 historical novel depicting the same village. We could present our books together, I suggested.

Not only did my author friend like the proposal, he took it one step further. He recommended producing a tête-bêche, a combination book with two front covers and a single spine. As further incentive, he would utilize local contacts to present the proposal to area committees and such.

I took to the idea immediately. It seemed that all I would have to do was keep writing, leaving him to utilize and publicize to his heart’s content.

Alas, not so. My author friend expects me to participate in the publicity! Moreover, he wants to see my completed manuscript by late (or preferably mid-) November so that we can work together on the tête-bêche thing!!!

With the new deadline looming, I am glued to my computer every day scrambling to catch up with fictional characters behaving unpredictably, characters who even dare to mess with my story line. 

Will I meet the November target date? I can do it… I will do it…yes I can…I can do it… Have a perfectly haunting Hallowe'en