imagesD5U4MSFCStill here…

Yes, I know. I’ve been terribly remiss in keeping this blog updated for my treasured readers and esteemed fellow writers.

I haven’t been entirely idle though. There’s a new novel underway, and I’ve sent out the first three draft chapters to my beta readers – all of them new!

Then there’s the volunteer writing project that I promised to take on ages ago and couldn’t put off any longer.

But mostly I’ve been in a state of suspended waiting. Waiting which involves ongoing proofing and tweaking.

Waiting for Kevin’s book, Living in the Eye: Life with Autism to be published.

GhostTrain2And waiting for the production of a fantasy facelift for The Bells of Prosper Station and Black Springs Abbey. In their new versions, the books will be clearly identifiable as a set.

So please stay tuned. I am still here and have great hopes for 2016.

double rainbowWhy, according to Hello magazine, my horoscope predicts that “a new development” is coming my way.

Surely the prediction indicates an amazingly positive development.

Wishing you many positive developments, dear friends…