Merry_Christmas_in_red_star[1]Christmas is fast approaching! Clearly time to move from the pumpkin image of the previous blog to somethings more seasonal.

But I’ve been busy, busy. (Yes, like all of you.) You see, I’ve proofed Kevin’s book more than once, there’s been a Christmas party, a grandson’s Confirmation, and a workshop…

christmas-nativity-images-cgpmucgh[1]Still it’s already midmonth and I’ve done no Christmas wrapping although I’ve managed to squeeze in some shopping. And there’s a package to be sent out west!

I did send Christmas greetings via email yesterday. This leaves just a few real cards to be mailed to some elderly aunts and cousins. Come to think of it, with the exception of one, all of these are my husband’s relatives. Hmm…

What’s really interesting is that in the midst of this my mind remains preoccupied with my next novel. The storyteller in me wants to tell everyone about it. But my lips are sealed – for now.

Be present to the moment, I remind myself. Everything in its own time. Christmas is for family and friends. Enjoy! Enjoy! Yes, I am blessed. 

thT0U4R5FQAnd I do wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Seasons Greetings and Best wishes.

God bless us everyone!