IMG_0360The voices are back. And it’s wonderful!

I always knew they could come unbidden, often at inappropriate times when I wasn’t within pencil reach. And I’ve long been aware that voices – indeed entire plots – visit me in dreams.

IMG_0360But I didn’t anticipate that the voices would abandon me entirely. It seemed like such a betrayal for them to depart at the same time my body succumbed to a relentless winter virus.

Would it not have been more fitting to be entertained by snatches of inspiration as I moped about the house or reclined lethargically?

IMG_0369Okay, I did lots of reading, and scrolled through endless Twitter and Facebooks feeds. But the voices refused to appear.

Then just as I was beginning to fear that they were gone forever, they danced back into my consciousness.

Strangely, along with the arrival of the voices has come a notion to change my author name. In my current manuscript-in-progress, an author not only writes under a pseudonym, she hides behind it.

GlyndaPearswolfIn my case, while hiding might be tempting, it’s more about Gloria Pearson-Vasey being too long to fit properly on a book cover.

I’ve been playing with G.J. Pears, Glen Pears, Glynda Pearswolf, G.J. Pearswolf ….

So what do you think? Stick with the old or go for new?