The Discernment Feather

To blog or not to blog

Some writers seem able to blog extensively while remaining productive in their vocational writing. I’ve always struggled with this, and recently made the decision to curtail my blogging.

As it turns out, summer 2016 was not the greatest summer for either blog or storytelling. There seemed to be an endless stream of situations, lovely and less-so, involving friends and family.

Meanwhile, my amazing beta readers have been kept waiting in suspended animation. With the arrival of September, I’m feeling more optimistic about returning to serious writing and will again be calling for their invaluable critiquing.

The working title of my current project is The Discernment Feather. In this story, a boy whose mother has recently died, accompanies his aunt on a book-signing tour to the Atlantic provinces. The boy soon learns that his aunt not only writes under a pseudonym, she also lives in its shadow.

So where am I with this manuscript? Well, recently I did another re-edit of the first 20 chapters and ever-so-slightly heightened the magic element therein. After all, what’s life, be you young or old, without magic?

Stay posted and I will give you brief, though probably irregular, updates on how things are going in my writing world.