On the roadToday we reached our Alabama camp. Because I’m settling in for a month of focused writing, I’m relieved to see that we’ve been assigned a rather quiet site away from most of the other RVs.

Normally, I spend the precious days of my winter writing month editing an advanced draft. But this year, I have just begun a new fantasy novel. The bones of a plot stretch vaguely before me; unformed characters flit through my mind, soon to possess my life.

Perhaps I’ll try the Na-No-Wri-Mo approach: 50,000 words composed without a lot of spit and polish. This method will be a challenge for me since I tend to fuss over each chapter, playing with phrases and altering words as I go along. Then too, National Novel Writing Month takes place during the thirty days of November. Unless it’s Leap Year, which it isn’t, February has but twenty-eight days and today, the month’s first, is essentially gone.

Nonetheless, I can always finish and edit back home. So yes, I’ve decided! This is Feb-No-Wri-Mo, twenty-seven days of literary immersion with absolutely NO COMMITMENTS, APPOINTMENTS OR TELEPHONES and minimal email, Twitter and Facebook maintenance.

My winter writing month is not entirely about word painting, though, because I’m not alone in the motor home. Husband, son, three dogs and a cat are also here. Yet, in this unlikely cocoon, I’m able to spin tales from strands of flight and fancy, completely tuning out while the others occupy themselves at will.

In mid-afternoon, I extract myself from my dream world to participate in family day-tripping before returning to work again at night. This arrangement works well for all of us.

Tomorrow I begin. It would be fun if one or more writers choose to join me. If any should reply to this blog, we can keep in touch…