RV 4Writer’s Holiday

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Nova Scotia. We’ll be “camping” in our motor home at provincial parks along the way – having maximum access to nature and minimal access to wifi!

It’s going to be a relaxing trip. No book tour schedule with predetermined destinations and time slots. No disciplined writing as on one of my winter writing sojourns to the south.

Nonetheless, our travels through Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes will provide an enjoyable opportunity to collect material for two future projects. The first project is the primary motivation for this excursion.

Kevin, wishing to update his book, The Road Trip: Life with Autism, specifically requested this trip to compose his thoughts as he did on a similar holiday in the summer of 1992. As well as touring places we visited then, we’ll be making a special stop in Antigonish to visit Kevin’s long-time friend, Tim, and his Mom.

Of course, we’ll visit Pictou (where my mother was born in the no-longer-active train station while her father was station master there) and Port Hood (so dear to my childhood memories of welcoming grandparents and adventuresome cousins).

The second project involves researching for a story already circulating in my mind. The plot lends itself to the musing and meandering I anticipate we’ll be doing. Oh, sorry, I can’t share it with you yet…

As we travel, I’ll undoubtedly be doing some tweaking and tinkering with my current manuscript, Black Springs Abbey, still only slightly more than half-way to completion.

But seriously, it is going to be a real holiday with tons of leisurely sightseeing and relaxation. May you too, dear writers and readers, have a refreshing and inspiring summer.